May 9, 2014

Weekly Roundup

Friday has arrived! Heading home this weekend to spend time with my Mom. We don't have anything planned aside from a play on Saturday and a BBQ Sunday - just the right amount of activities to keep us occupied. I snapped this gorgeous photo when I was in DC and it reminded me that I needed to pick up some flowers before I head home. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Gilbert gives an inspiring TED TALK.

Hilarious and very true GRAPHS.

LIPSTICK LAYERING 101. Some interesting combos to try for sure.

A great routine to TONE UP just in time for summer.

Love this LOOK.

Need to make this NO-BAKE PIE.

Interesting move made by SOULCYCLE.


Adding THIS to my list.

Ugh I want a VACATION.

Loving this LEATHER CHAIR.

A simple guide for PLACE SETTINGS.

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