May 21, 2014


Yesterday I hit up the second annual FusionFest hosted by Women's Health and exhale. This was a nationwide Core Fusion party and if you were lucky enough to book early you snagged a free Core Fusion class. Now that's my kind of workout.

I love Core Fusion and for a while I had been going twice a week. So after taking quite a long hiatus it was a challenging workout and I was left sweating and my legs shaking.

If you haven't tried a core class, you primarily use your own body weight as resistance with some light weights incorporated into the class. All moves are designed to lengthen and tone your body (picture a ballerina) and you WILL feel it. I know I will certainly be a little sore but hey, bikini season is right around the corner.

This was a great event hosted by Women's Health and exhale that I'll definitely try to attend again next year. And in the end we were rewarded with some swag.

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