May 22, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day means a three-day weekend (yay!), grilling with the family and much needed R&R in the sun (hopefully). Here's a peek at what my weekend will look like...

Wearing: If the weather cooperates, comfy classics.

Eating: Nothing better than the classics, so that means a BURGERKEBABS and plenty of ice cream.

Drinking: Beer and then perhaps these MELON BALLS in sparkling water when I've had enough.

And if you're sticking around in NYC, here are some ideas...

Plenty of PARADES.

A ROOFTOP BAR is where I would be...

Or how about somewhere where you can EAT, DRINK, AND PLAY?

And of course, A BOOZY BRUNCH, because a long weekend wouldn't be the same without one. 

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