October 31, 2014

Weekly Roundup: October 31, 2014


And just like that, we're back to the weekend. Thank goodness. This pic sums up what I'd like my weekend to entail: jeans, relaxed tee and bed. True comfort right there. Alas, I'll be ignoring Halloween, exercising and enjoying a marathon or two (continuing my binge watching of SOA and then cheering on runners at the actual marathon). It's all about balance. Ha! Have a good one!

Loved this LOOK to get a faux cape style.

What the WORLD EATS. No surprise that the US leads in sugar and fat.

A BLANKET SCARF in a number of colors and at a great pricepoint. And ANOTHER one I love.

Harry Potter HUMOR. Oh, and he also killed it on JIMMY this week.


And CHEESE anything. Yes!


I need all these MUGS.


In the market for a new place? I found the perfect APARTMENT.

Add THIS to your Christmas list. And THESE. Swoon.

Finding THIS absolutely hilarious.

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