October 31, 2014

Get Fit: Swerve Fitness

Always up for trying a new class, I was thrilled when I won classes to SWERVE FITNESS at the WELL & GOOD BICOASTAL BIATHLON. New to the concept of a team setup and to have average scores on screens during the class, I was slightly put off and full of questions. How hard would I actually push myself? Would I really like this?

I soon found that a.) I pushed myself very hard. So hard, that when I was sent my stats after class I was thoroughly impressed. And b.) I LOVED IT. Every. Second. Having your team score up on the screen makes you push yourself (much harder than usual I found) and the desire to beat the other two teams increases tremendously. My team may have lost, but the personal satisfaction that I had after class was amazing. I already can't wait to go back to SWERVE and seeing how I improve over the next few classes.

Worth noting too is the facilities. They are immaculate - very airy, clean, and enough space to linger before or after class. The studio has fans that are actually working (MAJOR plus!) and again, enough space so you don't feel like you're on top of the person next to you or that some strangers ass is in your face - unless that's your thing ;). I love that you can also order a smoothie from the bar beforehand and pick it up after class - a great workout and greens? Sign me up.

Long story short, get your butt on over to SWERVE and I'll see you on the bike!

Images via WELL & GOOD

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