October 10, 2014

Elements of Style NYC Book Signing

I LOVE the ELEMENTS OF STYLE BLOG so when I heard Erin Gates would be in town signing her book - ELEMENTS OF STYLE - I jumped on the chance to attend. I know, 2 book signings in one week. Wow. But this was different. Erin has taken her blog so far and she serves as such an inspiration to me and meeting her was the icing on the cake. She is so down to earth and so gorgeous (that outfit was amazing!) and her husband, Andrew, is a riot.

What was really special about this signing was that Erin really took the time to speak with each person. Her advice for new bloggers like myself was to work hard. It's a lot of hard work at the beginning to get yourself into a groove, but if you truly love it it will be worth it in the end. Oh, and then she told me she loved my dress - no big deal! AH!

I took some time to flip through the book last night and if you haven't picked up a copy I encourage you to do so as it would make a great gift for a friend or a lovely addition to your own coffee table. The photos are beautiful and Erin's eye for design is killer. It's great to see pictures of the homes she has played a huge part in decorating. Not to mention she fills the chapters with meaningful and personable essays. Congrats again, Erin!

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