October 9, 2014

The Kitchn Cookbook Signing

It's hard to pinpoint when my cookbook obsession started, but it's safe to say that when I graduated and started working at a small publishing house things really got underway. I was mesmerized by the amount of work that went into producing a cookbook - the writing of original recipes, recipe trials (yum!), and of course the photos that looked good enough to eat. Months later when the book was finally published, I loved flipping through the pages to admire the work. It was during this time that I became a fan of the blog THE KITCHN, so when I heard the cookbook was going to be released with a launch party in NYC, I jumped on the chance to attend.

THE KITCHN has partnered with my favorite home decor store, WEST ELM to do a book tour across the US. At each stop you'll have the chance to meet one or both of the authors and sample some of the delicious recipes that you'll find in the book. After trying all of the savory bites you'll find on the menu closeup below, you won't be let down. I'm excited to have a copy of this book and maybe a little party is in the future so I can make some of the recipes...
A closeup of the delicious menu.

The cute authors Faith and Sara. 

A sweet as pie bag the book came in. 

All images are my own.

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