October 28, 2014

Interior Inspired: Cupcakes & Cashmere Living Room

The reveal of CUPCAKES & CASHMERE'S living room designed by AMBER INTERIORS this summer was one of my favorites. Drawn to the simple yet very inviting California-cool living room, I knew this was a look I needed to recreate with some budget-friendly options.

What I love about this room is the mix of textures - leather, marble, bass, wood and velvet - super comfy! Immediately when I finished the collage I realized I left out the GRAY MALIN print to hang above the sofa. Oops! But art is so personal, so this can easily be swapped for something to suit your own taste. To tie a little bit of NYC back into this Cali room I'd go for this print of SHEEP'S MEADOW.


  1. Holy chic those chairs are from TARGET?!

    1. The ones I used in my look are indeed from Target. Emily's originals are from Crate & Barrel.


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