August 15, 2014

Weekly Roundup: August 15, 2014

After coming back from a fantastic trip to NORTH CAROLINA, this weekend started on a low note. Sad news in the public sphere was followed by even more sad news from friends. It's times like this that remind you just how precious life is and that you should never truly take anything for granted, or anyone for that matter. Not the most upbeat Friday note, but here's to hoping next week starts off a little more positive.

This business profile on REBECCA ATWOOD.

Adding this JACKET to my list for fall.

SUBWAY PERFORMERS may sometimes surprise you.

ETHEL KENNEDY does the ALS ice bucket challenge.

LUCKY MAGAZINE is spinning off of Condé Nast. Thoughts?

This DISH can transport me back to NORTH CAROLINA.

Adding this EXHIBIT to my list.


How to KEEP IT TOGETHER AT WORK. #5 find an outlet.

Love this TOTE, but the price is kinda steep.

Genius FRUIT HACKS. Who knew?

If you're in the market for a planner, the DAY DESIGNER went on sale today for 2015.

This VIDEO is hilarious.

And in case you missed it: this lovely POUF, steal this LOOK FOR LESS, pictures from my recent VACATION, and of course a STYLE INSPIRATION.

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