August 28, 2014

August 2014 Beauty Finds

August 2014 Beauty Finds

This month's beauty finds include damage erasing hair care, skin revitalizing and retexturing treatments, and lip colors that flatter your skin tone.

HELLO SAILOR LIPSTICK QUEEN You're probably thinking something along the lines of "blue lipstick, wtf, this girl is nuts." But let me tell you, this self adjusting lipstick turns into the most goregous berry tone. Making your complexion look brighter and your teeth look whiter. The easy to apply shade, glides on like lip balm and is super moisturizing. 

RADICAL SKINCARE INSTANT REVITALIZING MASK Pop this mask on a few times a week and the tingling sensation you feel is the mask pulling impurities from your skin.

BITE BEAUTY CASHMERE LIP CREAM Another bright color for summer, that's not too sticky. I'm a fan of the brand and love how the colors flatter skin tone.

L'ORÉAL ADVANCED HAIRCARE DAMAGE ERASING BALM The name is a complete mouthful, but the product is amazing. Flatironing, curling and the sun have wreaked havoc on my hair this summer (dullness, split-ends, you name it I had it), so I was in desperate need of a fix. After receiving a sample of this product I ran out to buy more. This balm erased the damage I did to my hair, leaving me with silky and smooth locks. 

CANE+AUSTIN RETEXTURIZING TREATMENT PADS The holy grail of at-home glycolic treatment pads. Swipe these babies on a few times a week to start to help improve your skin texture. The pads exfoliate your face and (over time) claim to help improve skin tone. In the short time I've been using them I've seen an improvement in my skin, especially on my chin. 


  1. The L'Oreal Erasing Balm is one of my holy grails!! I recommend it to all my friends and they are all just as obsessed now..the price can't be beat! xx


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