April 30, 2014

DC Eats

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This past weekend while in DC, my boyfriend and I went to a couple great restaurants worth mentioning. Both were great pics to celebrate, and continue the eating binge, after the HALF MARATHON. If you're ever looking for a place to go, I would add both to your list.

401 7th Street NW, Washington DC

Seeing as how Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines, this was where I chose to celebrate running the half. I had heard great reviews of this spot when doing some preliminary research and quickly made a reservation. The spot was very cute - bright, airy, and certainly very popular. The margaritas were amazing and the food was delicious. I recommend getting the guacamole to share as well as the Quesadilla Huitlacoche. YUM! We then got a few tacos each, which were small so I would suggest doing 2-3 each. 

My only complaint about the restaurant was the service. Our server completely ignored us and after 10-15 minutes of waiting for him to come and at least take our drink order I finally spoke up to the busboy who looked at me like I had ten heads. Was it the impatient New York in me or was that not a long wait to be without drinks and an appetizer order put in? After he finally came over and took our order, the rest of the meal he tried to make light of the situation which was really unnecessary. Again, this was the only complaint we had, and other reviews on OPENTABLE comment that service was very fast. Overall, I would recommend the spot and would probably go back if ever in town again.

1500 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, DC

This was a quick find by the boy as I lay around starving Monday morning. Super cute spot located in the DUPONT CIRCLE HOTEL, the menu had me salivating as I gave it a quick review. I ended up ordering the Croque Monsieur which was so cheesy and delicious. Not sure how the pancakes were since they were eaten off the plate opposite me too quickly, but they looked good. If we had more time and weren't leaving that afternoon, this looked like the perfect spot to come back to and either have a drink at the bar or sit outside while soaking in the sun.

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