April 17, 2014

Eat: Catch NYC

Image via EMM Group

I confess. I have a list of NYC restaurants that i'd like to make my way to which has grown to over 170 (!!!) places. I got tired of always asking my friends where to go so I started keeping a list which has morphed to not just include restaurants that were recommended to me, but also includes places i've read about and/or seen while walking around or riding in a taxi, those that i've visited and my general thoughts on my experience while there.

CATCH is one of those that has been on my list. Have you been? If not, i's ah-mazing. Part of the EMM Group, whose other restaurants include The General, Lexington Brass and La Cenita Steak, Catch is a contemporary American seafood restaurant located in Meatpacking. Super trendy, dark, a bit loud, but the food is absolutely delicious.

I went with two of my girlfriends on a random Wednesday and we started with drinks at the bar. I got the Isis which was a great vodka drink and not overwhelmingly minty. As for food, we were all having trouble deciding what to get so we shared the Hellfire Roll and the Crunchy Rice Cakes. The roll was such a unique blend and the tuna was so fresh. Both had me salivating for more. I ended up getting the Scallop Gnocchi for dinner and tried a few bites of my friends lobster mac and cheese, both were equally good but didn't compare to the starters.

It can get pricey, but since most of their dishes are tapas size and meant to be shared it was great for a small group. This will definitely be on my list to visit again and I certainly recommend it if you're looking for a place in Meatpacking with great seafood.

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