July 18, 2014

Weekly Roundup: July 18, 2014

Oh Friday, I'm so happy you're here. This week has been busy to say the least. There's been a lot going on and since I'm a constant worrier, I feel like I haven't gotten anything done. I'm looking forward to my cousin's wedding this weekend (350 people - Oh. Em. Gee) and for some R&R. Next week it's off to the Cape for a much needed vacation!

This is pretty EPIC. Way to go kid!

How cool does this PIECE look? Need.

Check out these STUDS. So cute.

Proof that DOGS really are the best.

It would be so awesome to stay in this LIGHTHOUSE. #bucketlist

This HAIR tutorial looks simple.

Loved THIS look and THIS one too!

The trailer for GONE GIRL is so good. Can't wait!!

I love everything about this BEFORE & AFTER home tour.

What can you do with 3 BOBBY PINS?

This WOMAN put's this course to shame.

How good does KERI RUSSELL look?

A great POST and can really relate to feeling like THIS.

SHE'S BAAAACCCKKK. And I clearly cannot wait!

A very useful MAP.

The CARD CASE I have now comes in a very chic navy with black stripes.

MISTAKES you're probably making at work.

And in case you missed it, H&M HOME and NORDSTROM SALE PICKS.


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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! You've got some great content and fabulous pictures yourself on your blog.


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