July 1, 2014

Get Fit: BFX Studio

BFX STUDIO just opened in Chelsea last week and offers spinning classes, HIIT training, barre and yoga to their clientele. The studio BFX occupies is very spacious and spread across 2 floors. Being that it is brand spankin' new everything is in pristine condition. Floors were sparkling, equipment looked clean, and there is even an iPad bar to take advantage of. If you were lucky enough to sign up early, you were able to snag a few free classes in the luxe, boutique fitness studio. I totally took advantage of this opportunity and went to 2 spin classes- ultraRIDE and classicRIDE.

Taught by spinning master instructor Josh Taylor, this class is described as a "visually enhanced class offering more physical challenges on the bike." Visually enhanced? Yup. We rode along with cheetahs and were supposed to sprint when they sprinted. This was very different and slightly corny. The physical challenge were the sprints and having to push yourself.

classicRIDE was exactly that - a classic spin class. This class focused a lot on RPMs and added resistance. There were no cheetahs in this class, just music which was nice. I worked up a great sweat here and left feeling invigorated.

Overall Thoughts
The changing rooms (at least the women's) were quite small and most guests were on top of each other. Quite a downfall as there seems to be a ton of space they could've built out into which would've allowed for more space, but alas I am no architect.

The instructors and/or studio helpers need to be better trained in setting up the spin bikes. In both classes I had someone set up my bike and 5 minutes later another person came around to readjust my bike. This really just left me thinking "does anyone know what they're doing?" I'm not sure I'll really go back to take a spin class, but I would like to try some of the other offerings, especially the barre class.

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