January 16, 2015

Weekly Roundup: January 16, 2015

Work was super busy this week. With a big project on the horizon, I had things I wanted to write about but I was tired. So yes, I was just being lazy. With just a few things planned for the long weekend, I'm hoping to regroup and get back to business.

Taking a pop-up yoga class at THE PLAZA this weekend.

How well do you know 2014 POP CULTURE?

Have you heard of this? You can now send your enemies GLITTER.

This pup takes THE BUS!

What would you do if MAROON 5 crashed your wedding? Faint.

An interesting read on a TEENAGERS VIEW OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

The LULU FROST SALE. I want it all and now's the time to buy, because you could find something you've had your eye on for months on crazy sale...

SERIAL as a rom-com.

What it would be like to date JIMMY FALLON. Side-note: CANNOT WAIT to see him next week.

And in case you missed it here on L&C...



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