January 21, 2015

Must-See Oscar Movies

The Oscars are slated for February 22nd and as usual, I haven't seen majority of the movies that are nominated. Here are a few nominees on my list that I hope to watch before the awards...

Birdman - Nominated for 9 awards including Best Picture and Michael Keaton for Best Actor.

The Imitation Game - Nominated for 8 awards including Best Picture and fan favorite/eye candy/sexy accent, Benedict Cumberbatch for Best Actor.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Nominated for Best Picture and Wes Anderson for Best Director. I did see this one and, like most of Wes' movies, it was weird, but funny. And a great cast!

The Theory of Everything - Nominated for Best Picture, cutie Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor, and his on-screen wife Felicity Jones for Best Actress.

Gone Girl - Saw this, and totally recommend seeing the movie AND reading the book. Rosamund Pike is nominated for Best Actress for her creepy/crazy/psycho portrayal of Amy Dunn.

Selma - Only nominated for Best Picture. You can read the controversy HERE.

Into the Woods - The musical aspect doesn't appeal to me, but when Meryl Streep is nominated for Best Supporting Actress it's kind of a given.

The Judge - Robert Duvall is nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Wild - I heard mixed things, but since Reese Witherspoon is nominated for Best Actress I feel like I should give it a chance.

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