November 14, 2014

Weekly Roundup: November 14, 2014

Lucy Pinky Lucas 3/2/06 - 11/15/10

I'm not afraid to admit I love my dogs more than some people. They love you unconditionally, the warm cuddles, that puppy smell, but most of all the genuine excitement they have when you walk through the door. Come on, what is better than that?

So far, I've had three girls in my life, all different color labs - Sally, Lucy, and currently Riley - and there will be many, many more. Although I won't be heading home this weekend to cuddle with my Rye Bread, I will be thinking of my sweet girl Lulu. She loved weekends, because weekends meant meatballs and pasta at Nonny's on Sunday followed by cookies. So it's no wonder this roundup has a good amount of comfort food in it, because not only do some owners LOOK LIKE their dogs, some definitely have the same likes and dislikes. And lets face it, this girl loves to eat.

Oh. My. God. I need to make this CENTREPIECE.

It's about time INSTAGRAM. Seriously, why did that take SO long?

Bring on the CHURROS.

PANTONE HOTEL. They really think of everything.

To TIP or not to tip?

COOKING SKILLS to master before 30. I have a ways to go apparently...

Loved these looks from ARIELLE, MERRITT, and AMY.


Adding all of these RESTAURANTS to the list.

Have to make this BUTTERMILK CORNBREAD for Thanksgiving.

And more carbs with these PRETZEL ROLLS.

Maybe I'm sitting on a GOLDMINE?

An interesting read on how retail companies get their CEOs.

Wow, these VACATION RENTALS are amazing. Anyone up for a vacation??

And in case you missed it...

Holiday gift guides for TECH LOVERS and ideas UNDER $25

Gushing over a new artist - DANIEL CASTAN.

A scrumptious PECAN PIE recipe and THANKSGIVING DECOR ideas.

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