December 5, 2014

Weekly Roundup: December 5, 2014

The quote above couldn't be more perfect. This year has FLOWN by. It feels like just yesterday I was watching one of my best friends get married on NYE. I'm so looking forward to the holiday season this year. Aside from all the tourists, NYC is just magical at this time of year.

Some TIPS to keep in mind as we enter holiday party season.

I can certainly relate to this POST, but in my experience, not with J.Crew.

The MOSCOW MULE has been my drink of choice lately. But I have to have a copper cup.

Loved these looks on MERRITT and DALLAS this week.

Now there are VACATION BOOBS? Ridiculous.

Girl Scouts finally start selling ONLINE.

CONCEALER HACKS. I need these.


Why you should roll SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH.

OMG these DOGS PLAYING IN THE SNOW are too cute. And this one who SINGS?!?! I can't.

As the year starts to wind to a close, you may have FORGOTTEN some things that happened and missed some AMAZING PHOTOS. So cool.

Bros being BASIC.

Good to know: how to make LAST NAMES PLURAL.

Oh swoon, this CALIFORNIA house and this UWS APARTMENT. But alas, these AIRBNBs might be more in my range for a weekend away.

Adding the ingredients for this SALAD to my much needed grocery shopping list.

Anna Wintour's best CAREER ADVICE.

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